Steel eyes


„Steel eyes” oil on icon panel 16/20 inch (40/50cm), 2015

Crown / queen / Steel eyes

She watches and decides, you will live or die, be rewarded or punished. She is one of those people, under whose eyes/evaluation/criticism/decision you do not want to find yourself in, because you know that she chooses well, even if it is bad for you. You know she will set it right and you can not persuade her to anything. Her mind is cold, but fair.

She smiles and looks happy, but it is the same happiness when you look on the sun in a desert or on a tiger appearing a sweet home cat. It does not make them less dangerous.

The eyes of someone who continues doing things that no one else wants to do. When she thinks, people perceive it as if it is about something very important and serious, so that no one will disturb but rather unconsciously keep away, just in case to avoid her thinking about you…

being drown.

Looking at these steel eyes is a bit like drowning and swimming.

To float on the water effortlessly, you just need your body to relax and chill out and then the physics will do its work.

She looks at you and decides, you could not make any changes. It will be as it should be.