„Endorphins” oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015


Sometimes we feel like , we need something sweet. We have whim for a cupcake with lots of sweet cream with colored sprinkles and even with icing on the top. Sometimes we need to watch a fairytale, or a romance. Nothing will happen, if we allow ourselves, once in a while ….

„Girls affairs” / „Endorphins”

Sometimes it’s good to chill out, give a free rein, allow yourself to be happy. Sometimes it is good to dream and build your fanciful city in the clouds.

Sometimes it is good to give yourself a tiny gift, to buy yourself a flower just like that, and get carried away with endorfins. Take a deep breath and see the world sweet and colorful as in a fairytale. The sorrows always will find us, so why not celebrate good moments.

The sorrows certainly will track you down, actually they could be really close… right behind your back… BUT for now, as long as it is possible, eat your fairytale cupcake, feel the joy.

Sometimes we should let our brain be drauned in endorfins, and check what it will produce.


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