The world is burning


„The world is burning”
oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015

When we are a certain age, it encodes us that doing things „like girl”, means doing them somehow less, worse or more funny, for example ‚running like a girl’ is somehow worse than running like a boy. I felt the need, to paint as „girly” painting as possible, just to break this damaging thinking. It is pink, there are flowers, and shiny fabric, but is my character weak because of that?

I heard that newborn girls are far stronger than boys, and have much more chances for survive if they are born prematurely.

My character has the attributes of the weaker sex, but surely and boldly goes for her passion. She is going courageously, and the world arround her is burning. Does she going to put out the fire? Maybe she has just ignited it? Or She simply heats herself by the destructive flames? Will she let the world burn? One thing is certain, she is not afraid.

Now little girls dress up as Darth Vader-Princess and place small models of racing cars under sweet beddings, in their dollhouses.

When you do not limit your thinking, you have more paths to choose from.

Why spiders?
During my studies at Academy of Art I painted „Arachne” painting. It was inspired a little bit by story of Louise Bourgeois about which I heard at lecture.
She showed her works, and started her career as an artist, when she stoped to take care of her husband. After his death, in her late age she become famous all over the world. On that lecture I saw her sketchbooks full of drawings of spiders. That image have special place in my brain. Then I painted my large spider-girl, then she was creating, start to see through herself, get to know herself. Now she is surrounded by small spiders. I am noty sure what does it mean, but this is still connected with that image I saw at that lecture. This view sometimes come back to me.