Secret project

16.10.2015 Secret project starts.

I am starting a new project and from now on, some of my paintings will not be visible on the internet, they will be „Secret paintings”. I will share some sneak peaks of them, here. When some time will pass, I’ll say something more.



detal „Endorphins” oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015















detal „The world is burning” oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015

This is my second secret painting. Because I am not sharing the photo, sharing only text „about” is pointless. Maybe one techinal detail could be interesting to You. As always I ‚have to’ find something difficult in technology and challenge it, so this time it was the light. I showed three kinds of light met on shiny complicated fabric. From right up is cold blue light, from middle up is the strongest yellow, and from left down is really hot orange light. I chose complicated blouse to make it more difficult. Great fun, I recommend it !



detal „Symbiosis” oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015

As always there is a girl …
There also is forest, lace and mysterious cells.
Third „Secret painting” is done. But to see more you have to wait some more.


1-b strona sneakpeek2

 „Stag-girl” oil on icon panel, 20/30cm 8/12 inch, 2015 / „Queen” oil on icon panel, 20/30cm 8/12 inch, 2015

Recently I painted a picture „Steel Eyes” about power, decisions and certain hardness, harshness of character. The two smaller paintings are a development of this theme. They both are a bit like characters from alternate version of mythology. Two versions of the same goddess, stag-girl and queen. Now I am sharing small photo, more later.


I was silent about this project for a while, but that does not mean that nothing was painted during that time. Next work which should be ‚secret’ is „Grey”. I was invited to exhibition in prestigious National Gallery in Sopot and decided to participate so I made it public, but it still is a part of this project. A day I completed this painting I had to start, forced holidays for a month. Then 26.02 something amazing happend and 2 became happy 3. This two works I painted just after I got back home.

„Blackness” is about figting for happiness, and I painted „Warm hands” because I could not leave this theme and I needed to add something more to this.

Wypych Grey 900px photo

„Grey” oil on canvas, 100/80cm, 39,5/31,5 inch, 2016   more:


 „Blackness” detal, oil on canvas, 60/90cm ,23,5/35,5 in, 2016


„Warm hands” detal, oil on canvas, 40/50cm, 16/20 in, 2016



This time I decided to share a little bit more „about” my new secret painting :
„Close / lips „
Imagine the word „close” whispered right in your ear …. This word has something magical in itself (in polish language „blisko”). You can be close with someone in different ways, physically and mentally. But what if you can be close to yourself? See yourself really, with completely no distance.

There are breakthrough-moments in life, moments where you, without your will, collide with yourself with high speed. Then you are so close, that it is almost impossible to focus. Skin burns, like the surface of the sun. On what would you focus? I am dangerously close to the top of my nose, but finally I choose lips  – a symbol of femininity, passions but also speech and wisdom. The mouth is the gateway of the soul but also gateway of the body. When life cross both of them, do not be so dramatic, but think of it as an opportunity to create a new you. This is like random teleportation, taking to atoms, and submiting them elsewhere. Instead forcing to keep the previous shape, try to exploit new situation and where you have the opportunity, make some improvement during putting atoms together again. ”


 „Close / lips „ oil on canvas, 27,5 / 27,5 in, 70/70cm, 2016 detal


I do changes in my already begun project, very rarely. This time I had to. It was supposed to be the painting about a body, I wanted to wrap it with a cocoon of painstakingly woven laces. When I started to paint, I realized something and I decided to resign from all additives, and take a really close look at the skin. Fleshy, sometimes burning, sometimes greenish, with here and there translucent veins, clear moles, stretch marks, cellulite, scars and all the finest details – your history – the body is fascinating. To say that the body is wonderfull and great when not ideal, is easy and banal, but to think that truly, and feel it, is more difficult. Try to see your body more kindly, it’s amazing what it can make, and what it does with every breath you take. See how millions of things work very hard, constantly giving everything you need. The body is not your slave, who has to look, act and be like you expect. It is your best friend, who sometimes can make incredible things, but at the same time, needs a rest, care and understanding. Thank your body for what it does for you, because it exist, and is so incredibly great in keeping you alive.


History of the flesh” oil on canvas, 60/90cm ,23,5/35,5 in, 2016, detal

wypych history detal-1-1000px




My next painting for the show. It is blue, and full of plants. I wrote text „about” but it seem to be close to poetry, so you will not find there any explanations. I have never wrote my texts for explaining enything, so this one is just more crazy.

Wypych Straggly-detal-2-900

„Straggly thoughts” detal, oil on canvas,90/70cm, 35,5/27,5 in, 2016

Straggly thoughts”
Once, in the quarrel, someone said to me: „It is only in your head.”
Actually, what?

Bushy thoughts. Climbers are tightening, plants sprout up, climbing, are straggly and windswept … Everything grows …. everything is vibrant …. they eat each other. . .

My jungle. Something dies, something put out shoots, something is forgotten in the corner but somehow alive. There are my big healthy plants, and my small shy pieces. I take care of them the best I can. They surprise me.

My wild thoughts.
My straggy thoughts.

Your jungle eats you when you let it, your jungle die, when you stop take care. Your jungle is yours.

So „Yeeeaaa. I have lot of staff in my head. „




There are periods of time when life seems like tree, hard, strong, simple, boldly grow. There are also moments when it is more like ivy encircles that tree, very complicated, but growing as well. Aiming for the same goal – the light. I painted a series of girls entwined with ivy, the kee is the light – different on every of them.

Here are two samples from this series. All of them will be shown at my solo show in Principle Gallery Charleston, oppening 7th October! Feel invinted ! I will attend, with my family !

2016 09 szkic-03-03-9002016 11 szkic-5-3-900

„Sketch 3”  oil on panel ,25/30cm, 10/12 in, 2016

„Sketch 5”  oil on panel ,25/30cm, 10/12 in, 2016









„Secret life of Your mind” 7th October 2016

Principle Gallery Charleston, 125 Meeting Street SC29401

My openning suppose to be at 7th October, but as couple of milions of Americans know, hurricane Mathew came. It hit Charleston almost exactly at the time when show should start. The probability that I, my infant son, and my husband, will be able to stay longer USA and return to Charleston was very small, but that’s exactly what happened. It was thanks to my wonderful American family! Thanks Kasia and Eric you are amazing! So even hurricane didn’t stop us, and oppening went fantastic! Below Some photos.











 Postponed to 14th October 2016

The show was postponed to next Friday 14th October, the same as all Charleston Art Walk. This is local event, which take place 4 time a year, and then all city become art scene. All Charleston Galleries (several dozen) have openings exactly at the same time and for couple of hours city streets are full of art lovers and collectors. Deffinately worth to see. Charleston Galleries Association works wonderfull. My exhibition „Secret life of your mind” this time without any hurricanes, opened on time. Gallery was crowded for all evening! Thank You all for coming ! It was pleasure to speak with so many of you! I heard enormus number of compliments, and it will be fuel for my work energy for a long time ! It was great to see beautifull Charleston and met so fantastic people! Michelle, Frank and Thomas  Thank you for everything !



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