Inspirations for cycle „Boson”

This will not be project ended by exhibition. This is something I found interesting and felt that it is something huge – will be presented, and connected with more than couple of paintings.


In layman meaning, of the Higgs Boson is something which makes particles together, and therefore makes that EVERYTHING have mass. So boson is something that makes things, what they are. The particles without masses fall into a pole/interact with boson and already they have mass, vary mass and become different things, some of them, do not react, and become the light – without mass.

I heard somewhere, that it glues the universe.

Theory of Elementary particles has been confirmed when Boson was proved that exist. It has been proven that using the Large Hadron Collider.

There is still dark matter and dark energy that are not yet clarified.

I – from painter point of view – an artist – I see it like this: we have particles, and they are only potentially something, there is also the pole / mysterious particle which makes particled different from each other, so in this meaning it create things. The world is unity, and in a sense, in every particle is contained everything other. In that meaning I’m a bridge in Warsaw, I’m rat in Africa, I am revolver in the belt of villain. In that meaning there is no „me” and never was. BUT it is too much of ‚philosophy-ing’.

I look at my son, crawling on all fours infant, and I know that boson has something to do with gathering strength, massing character. Because at some point you just grow up and do not care on less important things. You have the strenght. You have confidence. You can evaluate, you can choose, and suffer the consequences. You know you can handle. You know that if not, it is not so big drama. And it is also o.k


2017 01 18


god’s particle
connecting everything
gives mass
– Freedom –
Ten factor making aeverything what it is


When I was creating this work I felt that it is beggining of new stage. But didn’t know exactly what it was, I was sure it is first from series, and this theme will be with me for a longer time. I just couldn’t formulate it. Flash of inspiration came to me during watching physis program at sunday morning, about hadron collider. Then everything began to join in together.


2017 01 24

Boson is that who you are when you feel free.
Boson is freedom.


2017 01 25


„The Flower of fern” – oil on canvas 100/70cm, 35,5/27,5 inch 2017

Boson 1

2016.12.01 / Beginning of Boson 2

 War colors on the body.


Body painting and primary peoples / control the body/ dirt

2017 01 27

Black-and-white world of black-and-white people
Among them is you
What color is your freedom?

2017 02 22
Instead of avoiding the problem and trying to convince yourself that it is not there
take a moment to think
Work out
Overwork it
And do something
Anything, to solve it
face it

Freedom is in the head

2017 03 13
Understand the arguments of both sides and think independently.


„Black and white play”
P: „You are talking to me about serious matters and I’m joking, I’m playing with you, BUT I understand and I agree, but I can’t stop myself”
(..) „Because. Why be so serious?
It is obvious. We know each other. ”
It was supposed to be so serious, it was supposed to be so „high”,
But seeing in someone else, that lofty tone, I realized that it sounds a little funny though.
I recently learned to be unhampered
take what I get
Enjoy this
And reach for what I want
Freedom is in your actions

2017 03 27

„Freedom is the state of mind”

There are days when I believe in it, without any reservation. There are also days when I hear the same words, from someone else, and I have to question it immediately. The person who speaks, for sure have everything easier, sure this someone have significant help, or didn’t experience any surious problems. Ooo naivety … who says it, will surely find out one day, bad things will catch him and then he will hides his stupid utopian advice in pocket.

There are people who have really horrible situation. There are people who you say „freedom is the state of mind”, and it is like to slap them in face.

But let’s be honest. This is not you. You have a pretty cool life. Those who have a really aweful situation are not in majority. Our big „very surious” problems, are stupid , when we look at them from a distance (do not feel offended, this is positive). And freedom IS the state of mind. Calmness is also the state of mind. You can and should practice it, just as exercise body by running, to run for a bigger distance.


Boson is a state of mind
Freedom is the state of mind
Calm is the state of mind

Somewhere under all this, is „control” over what is arround you, over your own body, over a close for you person …
And lack of control – liberation from …

Thoughts about freedom led me tomaking my definition, what today is it for me. The answer is „Black and White play”.


„Black and white play” Boson 2, oil on canvas 100/70cm 39,5/27,5 in 2017