Straggly thoughts


„Straggly thoughts” oil on canvas, 90/70cm, 35,5/27,5 inch, 2016

Once, in a quarrel, someone said to me: „It is only in your head.”

Actually, what?

The bushy thoughts. The climbers are tightening, plants sprout up, climbing, they are straggly and windswept … Everything grows …. everything is vibrant …. they eat each other. . .

My jungle. Something dies, something puts out shoots, something is forgotten in the corner but somehow alive. There are my huge healthy plants, and my shy tiny pieces. I take care of them all the best I can. They surprise me.

My wild thoughts.
My straggly thoughts.

Your jungle eats you when you let it, your jungle dies when you stop taking care. Your jungle is yours.

So „Yeeeaaa. I have lot of staff in my head.”